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Blend-in - Partners


  • ANS (Lead Partner)
    Anziani e Non Solo is a NGO working since 2004 in the field of social research, community development, advocacy and training for vulnerable groups, including migrants.

    The activities carried out by Anziani e Non Solo concerns:
    • Active ageing, intergenerational activities and support to frail and dependent elderly
    • Training and support to family carers, informal and formal carers
    • Prevention of gender based violence, elder abuse and discrimination
    • Fight against poverty, support to employability and to social inclusion of disadvantaged groups

    ANS areas of competences are:
    • Social project management
    • Social research
    • Pilot projects in the social field
    • Training and e-learning
    • Validation of informally acquired skills
    • Services for information, counselling and matching between job offer and demand in the care field

    Within its activities, ANS has promoted several project at local, National and European level and, among its clients, there are: local and regional administrations, foundations, NGOs, trade unions, job centers, social cooperatives.

    ANS is also member of the Italian Antidiscrimination Network and of the Italian Inventory of Organizations Working with Migrants managed by the Ministry of Welfare and it is registered as: a recruitment agency at the Italian Ministry of Labour, social research institution, lifelong and continuous learning provider in Sardinia Region and as continuous professional development courses provider at the Italian National Board of Social Workers.

    Partner website:
    Founded in 1985, Caleidos Cooperativa Sociale Onlus is a non-profit organization which has been dealing with social distress over the last 30 years, always trying to provide the best factual responses to the emerging needs.

    Being experienced in the processes of providing shelter, social assistance and general support to refugees and migrants escaping from their countries and seeking a better life abroad, Caleidos offers its expertise for the social and cultural promotion and integration at all stages. Since 2011 CALEIDOS projects and services concerning the Immigrant Population are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

    Partner website:
  • KMOP
    KMOP is one of the oldest Greek NGOs with 40 years of accumulated experience in the provision of services to disadvantaged groups. KMOP’s main areas of expertise include social welfare and health, employability and human rights protection, scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues. Apart from direct provision of services through decentralised community based facilities (Three Group Houses and one Day Care Centre for mentally ill as well as counseling centers in various towns), KMOP is also actively involved in both national and EU/international projects addressing social issues particularly focusing on low-skilled youth and long term unemployed, victims of violence and trafficking, disabled, elderly, migrants and minorities.

    Partner website:
    EEO GROUP is a leading niche consultancy specialised in human resources development, education and lifelong learning, labour market and public administration reform. The company delivers added value services to the public sector in improving the effectiveness of their policies. It provides in depth expertise for efficient management of EU funds e.g. planning, managing and evaluating Operational Development programmes at national and EU level. EEO Group has contributed to research of the current status in the VET and adult education in Greece, apprenticeship schemes, the development and implementation of training activities, IT instruments, quality assurance as well as dissemination activities through the organisation of workshops, conference and various other events aimed at the dissemination of the results of these projects. It has led work packages in Research; Quality assurance; Training and Piloting with great success.

    Partner website:
  • FSM
    The Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants in Malta (FSM) strives for the integration of migrants through support services, education, research, capacity building and advocacy. It initially provided support services for asylum seekers and refugees at the Marsa Open Centre between 2010-2015 in collaboration with the Ministry for Home Affairs. Between 2014-2016, it supported 20 migrant led organizations in developing a national platform (Third country National Support Network, TSN Malta) for promoting solidarity and integration. Today FSM works with TSN Malta in providing mental health support services, adult education programmes, and training workshops for professional teachers, social workers and service providers. FSM organizes several conferences and events focusing on peacebuilding, leadership and cultural empowerment.

    Partner website:
    CARDET is one of the premier social justice oriented organizations in Cyprus with extensive experience developing and implementing programs focusing on migrants and integration. We are the founders of the Mediterranean Migration Network, which is funded by EU Solidarity funds, with more than 150 organizations as members from EU and the world.
    CARDET is also the Cyprus Focal Point of the European Website on Integration and the Cyprus partner for Migrant Integration Policy Index Project (MIPEX). Moreover CARDET completed more than 12 projects on issues related to migration and integration, under the Solidarity Funds and the Lifelong Learning Programs. In addition, CARDET is the Cyprus focal point of the Global Network “Social Watch”, with more than 200 member organizations, working in the fields of social justice and social integration. Furthermore, CARDET is a founder member of the Cyprus Platform for Non-Governmental Development Organizations, with more than 30 member organizations.

    Partner website:
  • CWC
    Canary Wharf Consulting is a fast-growing management consulting firm, serving a range of geographical areas like Europe and the Balkans, Middle East, the Caucasus region and other since 2013. The firm is the result of the long-term cooperation of highly qualified management, business and finance consultants who have been supporting public and private sector organizations and companies to improve their sustainability and performance by offering innovative, practical and implementable solutions.

    The expertise of Canary Wharf Consulting spans a variety of service areas and sectoral specializations. Our expert team provides advisory solutions in the areas of: Management & Development Consulting, Marketing & Communications, Project Implementation, Accreditation, and others.

    Partner website: