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Blend-in - Multiplier Events


Multiplier Events

While approaching towards the end of BLEND-IN project, all partner-countries held their multiplier events with much success. Click below for further details.

Cyprus hosted the national exploitation day of BLEND IN project on the 6th November 2018 with much success. Under the title “Migration Integration Good Practices in the Cypriot Community”, the event was well attended by organisations and individuals who specialise and are interested in working and focusing on young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The two main resources of the project were presented, i.e. the Mobile Application and the Handbook and further actions running within the context of the Cyprus community were presented in our two invited speeches, highlighting the potential of migrant populations to target sustainable actions within the Cypriot society and beyond. Feedback provided by participants in the closure of the event was more than encouraging, whereas the food and drinks section gave an opportunity to participants to network and reflect on the event’s presentations and speeches.

KMOP successfully organised the National Exploitation Event of the BLEND-IN Project on 28 September 2018. The event was attended by 25 professionals from Stakeholders that specialise in the provision of social inclusion services to migrants and refugees, as well as to Local Authorities and Public Authorities that are very active in the provision of services to migrants and refugees. The invited speakers of the event were Mr. Lefteris Papagiannakis, Vice-Mayor for Migrants, Refugees and Decentralisation of the Municipality of Athens, Ms. Katerina Kapnisi, Career Cousellor and Coordinator at the Greek NGO “Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity and Ms. Ilektra Simitsi, Livelihoods Program Manager from the international NGO “IRC Hellas”. The impact of the event on the 25 participants was very significant as 96% of the persons who attended the event think that, based on their current professional role, the contents of the event have been useful or very useful for them, while 100% think that they have learned something from this event.